Simpson Desert Supermoon

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Simpson Desert, South Australia.


We camped overnight on the western shore of this dry salt lake. There are numerous lakes throughout the desert. I was waiting for the rise of the super moon in June 2013.

I walked our onto the dry lake bed with tripod and camera waiting for that moon rise. The only foreground was all the different patterns where the red desert sand had deposited on-top of the salt crusted surface displaying many patterns.

Our prints are available on a choice of two canvases – Hahnemuhle Leonardo Canvas (open framing, no glass required) and Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Paper (framing behind glass is necessary).

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Hahnemuhle Leonardo Canvas, Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Paper


254 x 508 mm (10" x 20"), 381 x 762 mm (15" x 30"), 608 x 1016 mm (20" x 40"), 635 x 1270 mm (25" x 50"), 762 x 1524 mm (30" x 60")


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