Portrait Photography

Portraits With Journalistic Flair by Greg Miller Photography

Portrait photography with a photo journalistic style, for individuals, couples and small families only, is how Greg best describes his current style of photography.

Surveying his professional photographic career of over forty years, Greg says “The work I enjoy the most is working one-on-one with my sitter. Visually portraying a person’s personality and tying this in with their career, life goals and achievements can be both challenging and rewarding.

I enjoy studying painted portrait studies (mainly before the introduction of photography) to see what technique the artist has used to capture the person’s identity and how they have created a timeless image.

Attempting to capture a person in their life moment takes time. It’s not something you can rush. Greg has to be in the sitter’s environment, then ask questions and observe for himself, developing a mental image of how he feels a created picture best portrays the sitter. Sometimes the image can be very simple to create and then there are times when more time is required.

How does this take place? Greg charges a session fee which covers the cost of the photo shoot and for the supply of digital viewing proofs. This photography session is conducted in the sitter’s environment. This can be at their home, work or favourite outdoor location.

A session fee of $330.00 (GST Incl) applies and is paid before the photo shoot takes place. This fee can vary depending on travel time to the sitter’s location.

The Printed Portrait

Greg believes that art is to be displayed. Therefore, he encourages the sitter and his or her family to proudly display their portrait by having it printed on an archival print medium and framed. Being the artist, Greg himself looks after the printing and framing of the image. Greg personally prefers to use the medium of framed canvas with no glass. This canvas is digitally signed by Greg and treated with a protective layer against ultra violet light.

The smallest size printed image Greg sells is 28 x 40cm for $395.00 framed.

Enquiries are welcome by email only.