Philippians 2:10-11 ArtScape

Photo taken on February 11, 2018. Location is Noosa Spit, Noosa River Mouth, Noosa Heads, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Shauna’s testimony about the fear of God’s judgement was the hardest statement I found to match with an image.

The first photo I tried was a blood red sunset with the Glasshouse Mountains reflected in the waters of Pumicestone Passage but it looked too peaceful to be a judgement photo.

The second photo I tried was again the Glasshouse Mountains with the steam rising from the mountains after an afternoon storm. Yet again, it didn’t show enough anger for judgement.

This photo was taken quite recently and I had to make layout changes in the book.

A Sunday afternoon storm passed out to sea over Noosa Heads. My wife and I just happened to be at Noosaville enjoying a walk along the riverbank when the storm rolled in from the south. We rushed back to our car and drove out to the Noosa River sand spit just in time to see the storm almost upon us. I hurried out onto the sand with tripod and camera, prayed for God’s protection and also got on my knees, keeping the tripod low for fear of being struck by lightning.

I was able to take a few photos before a person walked straight out and into my photo. I prayed, please Lord, I don’t want this person in my photo. Then almost immediately he got down on one knee and I simply said, “Thank You Lord”. I knew then that I had the right photo for Shauna’s Day of Judgement.

Have you thought about your “day of judgement”?