1 John 4:19 ArtScape

Photo taken July 4, 2017. Point Arkwright Beach. Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Searching for a landscape photo which visually says “love” was something I found quite difficult. The type of image I envisaged was a bunch of red roses and that’s not a landscape image.

The first photo I chose was of a lush green bush growing on a red sand hill in the Simpson Desert. This photo showed me how God’s love sustains us. Yet I felt it wasn’t right for “Our Message“. The second image I chose was of a young woman walking on the beach at sunrise, however I also felt it just didn’t illustrate God’s love.

Finally, I chose this image because I felt God’s love is always being reflected from heaven back to earth. As a landscape photographer, one is always aware of the weather, wind direction, type of clouds and so on. I knew this beach rock pool had filled with sand so I hurried down to my local beach. No sooner had I set up tripod and camera and taken a few frames when a young boy moved into the edge of my frame. At first I thought “Lord, I don’t need this child in my photo,” but the answer was felt, “Yes you do.”

This child just stood there staring at the waves. I perceived that God’s love is reflected to us by his power and glory for us to receive and enjoy. Halleujah!