Colin 2006 ArtScape

Photo taken at sunrise, March 12, 2016, Point Cartwright, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Although I don’t have many photos of lighthouses, after receiving Colin’s Poem, I knew I had just the right image.

I arrived at this location at Point Cartwright before sunrise. It was a gloomy, grey morning and the tide was right for me to arrange the line of rocks in a balanced composition.

I set up tripod and camera, then waited and prayed for God’s help with my photo shoot. After waiting for a short period of time, a fire appeared in the sky behind the clouds which reflected on the waters of the incoming tide. Within a few minutes, the moment passed and as I always do, I thanked God for the visual display he provided me.

He is the harbour of my heart. Is he the harbour of your heart? He knows your inner thoughts and everything there is to know about you. There is nothing about you he doesn’t already know. Why not ask his spirit to come and dwell in your heart today?